Business Headshots: Environmental or Studio

Environmental Corporate Headshot & Portrait

When deciding the look and style of your business headshots there are a lot of different things to take into consideration.  One of the first is whether you want an environmental headshot or a studio headshot.  There is no right answer; it all depends on your company's brand and the image you want to portray.

Environmental headshots and portraits tend to have a more casual feel to them.  They also allow you to show more of your surroundings.  That could be your offices, your city or any location of interest that helps show more about you.

Studio headshots are more traditional.  But they don't have to be.  There are many ways to show your individuality with studio headshots and portraits.  The backdrop color, lighting style, your demeanor; these all will effect the way your headshot is perceived by the viewer and that in turn will help potential clients or employers get an impression of you.

One thing you don't want is the same headshot or portrait that everyone else has.  We do our best to make our headshots and portraits unique.  We don't go in with the same lighting and same backdrop every time.  We don't have a "headshot template" like many photographers do.

Head over to our portfolio page to see the wide variety of studio business headshots and environmental business headshots we can do for you.  Once you're ready, head over to our contact page to book a session or ask us any questions you may have.