Are You Afraid of the Dark?


I see it all the time. People recommend white backdrops and flat even lighting for business headshots. I'm sure that's a great generalization with good intentions. But something more important to me and my clients are headshots that are unique and creative. And sometimes that might mean dark.

It's true, a dark image may not show up well on a tiny LinkedIn profile thumbnail. But do you want to base your identity or company's brand on a tiny LinkedIn thumbnail?

The examples above are very dark. But you can agree they look great. The design firm I shot them for wanted something that looked like a Vermeer painting. The end result were images that fit with their branding and something unique and custom for them.


Who Says You Cant Be Dark With White


Even if you want to use a white backdrop you can still go dark. These images have a moody feeling despite the white backdrop. Using shadows can be very effective in drawing attention to your image.

My point is, don't decide what your headshot should look like based on generalizations. Think about what fits your brand. Think about what your competition is already doing and do something different. Don't be limited by a lighting setup another photographer uses for all their clients. Get a headshot that is custom for you and if it's dark that you want, the go dark.

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