about me

I'm Jeff Singer; I have been a commercial and editorial photographer for over a decade.  I started this studio because I was seeing so many bad business and executive headshots.  Take a look at your competition's headshots.  They are likely the same as most headshots and portraits you see. They're not very good, lack individuality, style and creativity.  

I will give you a business headshot or portrait that will set you apart from others. You will notice looking through my portfolio that my images don’t all look exactly the same. I work with my clients to match their identity, branding and style.  My headshots and portraits are modern, clean and creative.  My clients want something creative and different than the typical headshot photographer provides.

In the social world your image and brand is almost as important as the work you do.  Don’t settle for the same cookie cutter headshots other companies use.  I promise the photos I take will get noticed.  

As mentioned on the previous page I am currently offering a $300 session discount for a limited time. If you'd like to look around some more, head over to my portfolio page to check out more of my work and the pricing page for more details on the $300 discounted session.