Company headshots & team headshots

When you look at many company’s website or corporate communications, you will see inconsistent employee and executive headshots. If you would like to unify your company’s visual and brand identity, consistent and unique business headshots are a great asset. I work with many companies to help define a look that is clean, modern and fresh for all employees. I don’t come in with a standard lighting setup that gets applied to all my clients. I work with you to determine a look that fits with your company’s brand and identity.

Companies I’ve work with include Apple, Audi, Cadillac, Facebook, Google, IBM, Leanplum, Paypal, Williams-Sonoma, Zume, and many more large and small.

On this page you will see a few examples of work I’ve done with some of these companies. Each have their own look and feel determined before the shoot.

Company headshot and portrait sessions can be done at my studio or at your location. I can photographed as few as 1 person up to as many as you need.

When shooting a larger number of people it is important to work with a photographer who has experience with photographing a lot of people in a short amount of time. Many photographers can manage to get one decent image when time in plentiful and they can take hundreds of photos. To get a great image when you only have a few minutes with each subject and repeat that consistently over a large number of people is a challenge without experience. I have extensive experience getting great images consistently across many subjects where I may only have a minute or two with each person. Not all photographers can say that (well, they’ll tell you they can).

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