Please use this form to schedule a makeup artist for your shoot.  Please make the time your session's start time however you must arrive 15 minutes prior to your start time to begin the makeup.  Please make note of this because confirmation emails for your session will have your actual shoot start time.  Your session's time will start at the start time indicated in the confirmation emails so arriving late will reduce the session's shoot time.

The makeup artists's fee is $75.  You will pay that to them at the shoot.  Cash or check is preferred along with Venmo/ApplePay.

Notes About The Makeup:

  • Makeup artist only does very light hair, so please make sure your hair is done.

  • To help ensure the makeup application doesn't take up your session time it is best to arrive with a light foundation already applied.

  • If your shoot is less than a week away I will do my best to schedule a makeup artist but I may not be able to on short notice.

** Please note: if you reschedule your shoot and have already scheduled a makeup artist you will need to notify me to cancel the makeup artist.  If you fail to notify me of rescheduling and the makeup artist arrives for a shoot that is no longer happening you will still be responsible for paying their fee.  You will also need to fill out this form again for your rescheduled shoot if you still wish to have a makeup artist*

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