Additional Retouching

Additional Retouching

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Additional custom retouching for images from session (quantity discounts). This is not only purchasing additional retouching, it is also granting rights to use the images being retouched if the rights weren’t already granted. Click here to see image rights.

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Retouched vs Unretouched

With all retouching I do detailed skin clean up and improvement.  Don’t worry, the goal is always to make the image look like you and look real but there are times a certain angle may make something look a little off and we can fix that with advanced retouching.  An example of this can be see in the third image where we made the subject’s hair just slightly fuller in the retouched example.  It’s a very minimal change but make the image much more pleasing overall.

Retouching isn't only limited to fixing skin.  It has to do with the color treatment and tonality of the images.  Image 2 is a great example of this;  you can clearly see the improved skin tones and overall color rendition of the image.