Additional Image Treatments

Additional Image Treatments

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These image treatments will give you new and interesting looks for your images. There are samples below of some of the treatments but I do have a lot more available if you’d like a suggestion of one that I think would look good with your images.

Please pick a treatment that works well for your image type. Some treatments work well on darker images but not lighter images while some work well on lighter images but not darker. Below you can see examples of the treatments and how they look on various types of images.

Image treatments are very subjective. There is no right or wrong “look” for an image. Choose a treatment you like and use it as a way to differentiate your image’s look even more. Use different treatments to mix up the look depending on where and how you will be using the image.

The treatments can only be done to retouched final images, so you need a corresponding retouched image for every additional treatment. Additionally, each image needs it’s own treatment order. For example, if you want 3 additional treatments applied to 3 retouched images you would need to order 9 additional image treatments (3 images x 3 treatments = 9)

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Below are examples of the various treatments applied to a range of images from darker to light. When choosing a treatment, use a reference image that is similar in tone to your images. (Examples are best viewed on a color calibrated computer screen rather than phone. Treatment names also do not appear on phones as they do on a computer)