Why you don't want a typical business headshot

Creative and unique business headshot

Let me first say that I don't have a problem with business headshots or portraits shot against a white or black background.  Those are the background colors used in most business headshots.  White or black background images can look great.  But people far too often limit themselves not because of what they want or think looks great, but because the photographer they hired has a standard lighting and background setup. Many photographers come up with a system that works for them and stick to it because they know it.  It becomes easy to have your setup ready to go and let your clients step into that setup all day long.  If you're lucky you may get to switch between a white and a black backdrop.  If you look through my portfolio you will see a variety or lighting styles against a variety of backdrops.   I don't limit my clients to the same setup every other client used.

Additionally, you'll read a lot of articles that suggest bright even lightning, white backdrops and smiling happy faces are what you want to bring the most attention to your headshot.  Those things may have their place when done right, but you should never do them because it's the "right" way.  You want to use your headshots as a way to show your individuality, personality, creativity and style.

If you are in a creative field this is even more important.  You want to show potential clients or employers you appreciate uniqueness and creativity.  You want them to see you have a sense of taste that is different than everyone else.  One quick and easy way to do that is through your corporate headshots or portrait.

I'm not suggesting you need to do something as extreme as the image above.  That was taken for an author who wanted something truly different than what she saw everywhere else online.  Below I've provided a few different examples of headshots that don't fit the normal corporate headshot mold.

If you're ready to upgrade your headshot to something unique to you and won't look like every other business headshot out there head over to my pricing page for more information about my session.

In the mean time here are some examples of headshots that don't fit the business headshot norm.

You can shoot with a white backdrop and still do something creative and unique.  Here is an image that uses a white background but has a more creative feel.  It doesn't use traditional headshot norms like bright contrasty lighting and cheery smiles.  To me when i look at this image i see someone creative with an edge.  

Corporate Headshots with style and creativity.

And you can use a black backdrop and do something more than the traditional bright contrasty and saturated look, again without a big grin.   I'm certain many "experts" would say this is a bad image to use because its too dark.  Any client or potential employer looking for someone with style and uniqueness will think this is a great corporate headshot.   

Darker and moody corporate headshots

Here is another example of a white backdrop that can be different than what is traditionally done by corporate headshot photographers.  The lighting is much moodier and again, no big inauthentic smile.

Moody and serious corporate headshot

Don't think I don't like happy smiling people.  I love great images where people look genuinely happy but that is not something I see very often in other headshots.  Here is an example of someone who truly looks like they are having a great time.  And, who says you need to look directly into the camera? 

Happy Smiling Business Headshot

Finally, Here is another example of an authentic smile, this time with an image that is bright and colorful, chosen specifically by the client to fit their brand.

Happy And Colorful Business Headshot