Business Headshots & Portraits FAQ

Where do you shoot

I do individual person sessions at my Dogpatch San Francisco studio. I can shoot anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley for sessions with more than 5 people for a fee.  If you are outside of the San Francisco Bay Area or Silicon Valley please contact us as we would love to work with you.

What color backdrops can we use

We can use any color backdrop you want for your headshots. Any backdrop we already have in stock will have no extra charges. White and black backdrops will always be in stock. If you would like a specific color backdrop to match your brand or identity there will be a $150 fee to purchase the backdrop. Non-standard custom backdrops would be extra.

Do you do environmental shots

Yes, we can do environmental shots.  Environmental portraits have the potential to be a bit more complicated so there may be additional fees.

What type of lighting will be used

Lighting is the key to any great business headshot and I can light a headshot and portrait in many different ways. It is important to discuss beforehand the type of lighting you would like. For most lighting scenarios there will be no extra charges. But, if you would like elaborate or complex lightning there may be extra charges. These charges are to rent the appropriate lighting equipment for your desired look.

What kind of camera do you use

First, let me be clear about this: The camera a photographer uses makes no difference in the quality of the pictures you get. All modern digital cameras produce great files. As long as the camera was made in the last 5 years, the photographer matters more than the camera.

Having said, my background is commercial and editorial photography. Those clients require the best files possible for larger reproductions. Because of this I use a high end medium format Phase One XF camera system that produces 80 megapixel files. I can almost guarantee no other headshot photographer you may be considering uses a camera of this caliber. But, as I said, the camera being used doesn’t matter; it’s the photographer that matters.

Will there be makeup provided

Makeup will not be provided unless arranged beforehand.  I work with many makeup artists and you would be paying them directly for their services.  The cost to have a makeup artist at the shoot is $75 per person.

How many looks do I get

You can have many looks per session, but keep in mind the session is 30 minutes. That means the more time spent changing wardrobe the less time we are taking pictures. Something like putting on or taking off a jacket is an easy and quick way to get a different look. We will discuss your outfit before the shoot to make sure you look your best and fit with your brand. If you would like more time for the session to fit in more looks we can do that with an extra fee.

How many images are taken during the shoot

I don't limit the number of images taken during the shoot and I don't shoot a specific number of images.  Each shoot and person will have a different flow which results in more or less than another shoot.  Needless to say, there will be a lot of great images to choose from.

How are images delivered

All proofs and final images are delivered online for quick and easy access.

How many images do I get

For the standard Individual Session you will get 3 high resolution images from the shoot. One of the three images will be retouched. You will also get three variations of the final retouched photo. A standard look, black & white and a warmer look.  Sessions for more than 5 people only receive the retouched image and look variation images.

What is your turn around time

You will typically receive proofs from the session within 24-72 hours. The final retouched images arrive within a week after making your final selections. Rush orders are possible with a fee. For group sessions the timing will be longer based on the number of people photographed.

What are my rights to the image

Unless otherwise agreed upon the standard license will be for use on your company's website, social media pages, event presentation bio photos, and marketing materials (direct mail, email promos, etc).  The images may be used on the inside or back of a book jacket, but not as the cover. Third party use is not allowed in any way. That means you can't give the image to anyone else to use in any way or use in any type of media. Additionally you can not use the images in any paid advertising. These licenses are available if you need them at and extra fee.

See session Terms & Conditions for more information.

Are there any other costs

We do need to charge for any incurred expenses. Unless you're doing an elaborate shoot that requires extra equipment, that will mean parking fees and other minor expenses if I am traveling to your location. If your shoot needs extra equipment, expendables, assistants or other expenses you will know the costs upfront.

Cancelation/rescheduling/SCHEDULING policy

Due to the complexity of scheduling multiple shoots and the time preparing and setting up for a shoot I have a strict cancelation policy.   

Deposits are non-refundable. Shoots can be rescheduled, but if you reschedule with less than 7 business day notice there will be a $75 per person rescheduling fee. If you want to reschedule with less than 48 hour notice The fee is $175 per person.  I must be informed if you can't make a session or need to reschedule prior to the session start time otherwise the session can not be rescheduled.

Rescheduling with less than 48 hours for sessions with more than five people will result in the loss of your deposit.

Scheduling or rescheduling issues are not a valid reason for a refund unless a shoot needed to be reschedule by me.  If you have any time restrictions or deadlines please contact me prior to booking to ensure I can meet your timeline because a refund will not be possible after booking.

These fees do not apply to location shoots. Those fees will be conveyed prior to shoot.

See session Terms & Conditions for more information.