Below is the form for ordering your final images.  If you would like to order additional retouched images please purchase below prior to placing your final image order.  You can also use this link to order additional images at a later time.  Standard turnaround time for final images is typically one week.  If you need the images sooner you can order rush processing and have the images returned within 2 business days.

PLEASE NOTE: Because you will be able to download the digital files after delivery, If you provide me with an incorrect filename it will still count as your selection and you will need an additional order to get the correct image so please ensure your filenames are accurate.

Additional Retouching
from 125.00

Additional custom retouching for images from session (quantity discounts). This is not only purchasing additional retouching, it is also granting rights to use the images being retouched if the rights weren’t already granted. Click here to see image rights.

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Rush Processing
from 100.00

Rush fee for a 2 business day turnaround time on final retouched images.  The rush fee applies to each fully retouched image you need rushed, so please adjust the quantity appropriatly.

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Additional Unretouched Images
from 80.00

An additional high resolution un-retouched image from your session (these are not RAW files.  They are the same proofs you see in your proofs gallery with the ability to download in high res).

PLEASE NOTE:  I do not recommend using any un-retouched images for public use such as your website, LinkedIn page or social media.  These are only meant to be reference images used for choosing which images you would like retouched.  I offer un-retouched images so clients can have the images for reference only. If you go to the page for purchasing retouched images you can see the difference between retouched and un-retouched images.  Additionally, you can extend the online gallery so you can access the images anytime.

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Raw File
from 250.00

Raw files are like film negatives. This fee is for access to the raw image. Purchasing the raw image does not change the license or grant additional use.  Raw files have not been retouched and require special software for processing.

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Media Image License
from 250.00

This license grants the rights for third party media use (newspapers, website, magazines) for one image. If you need a license for more images, place an order for each image.

* Magazine cover excluded. Contact me if the image will be used on the cover.

All images are copyrighted and registered with the US. Copyright Office.

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Final Images Order Form

Name *
Would you like additional retouched images? *
This can be found in the confirmation email you receive after purchasing additional retouching.
Please provide the full filename of the images you would like retouched. The filename will look like YourName-YYYYMMDD-NNN
Please provide the full filename. The filename will look like YourName-YYYYMMDD-NNN ***please note: if you ordered additional retouching those images count towards your un-retouched images so the total number of images, For example if you ordered 3 retouched images you would not also get un-retouched images.***
Licensing Terms *
As stated in the T&C before booking your session, unless otherwise agreed upon the standard license will be for use on your company's website, social media pages, event presentation bio photos, and marketing materials (direct mail, email promos, etc). The images may be used on the inside or back of a book jacket, but not as the cover. Third party use is not allowed in any way. That means you can't give the image to anyone else to use in any way or use in any type of media. Additionally you can not use the images in any paid advertising. These licenses are available if you need them for an additional fee. Licenses are granted to the company/person hiring me and not the subject/employee being photographed. The license granted does not extend to the subject/employee being photographed. The subject/employee being photographed is considered a third party. All images are copyrighted and registered with the US. Copyright Office. Final images can not be delivered unless agreeing to these terms.
If you require additional licensing, please describe the use you need:
If you have any comments about the images or instructions for the retouched images please let me know here.