I’m Jeff, I’ve been a commercial and editorial photographer for more than 15 years. I started S72 because I was seeing so many bad business headshots. I knew from my experience creating high end photography for commercial and editorial clients I would be able to do the same for individuals and businesses of all sizes. I have experience photographing ad campaigns for companies like Apple, Audi, Cadillac, IBM and many others. I have photographed people for magazines like Esquire, Fast Company, Forbes, Time, The Wall Street Journal, Wired and more. I will be able to provide the same high quality images to anyone who wants something better than what other photographers provide.

Take a look at the business headshots you see on LinkedIn, Facebook or company websites.  They are likely the same as most headshots and portraits you see. They're not very good, lack individuality, style and creativity.

I will give you a business headshot that will set you apart from others. You will notice looking through my portfolio that my images don’t all look exactly the same. I work with my clients to match their personality, branding and style.  My headshots and portraits are modern, clean and creative.  Something that would be in the pages of Wired, Fast Company, or Esquire. My clients want something creative and different.  

In the social world we live in your image is more important than ever.  Don’t settle for the same cookie cutter headshots other companies use.  I promise the photos I take will get noticed.

I work for large corporations, small companies, new businesses and people looking for a new a job.  Small or large you deserve a headshot and portrait that will help you stand out.

what I do

Imagine going to one of those "headshot day" sessions and being the 20th person in line to get the exact same headshot as everyone else.  That won't happen with me:  I will work with you to determine the look and feel of your images.  I will use a lighting setup based on the look you are after.  If you prefer, I can suggest a look that will work best for you.  You won't get the same one-size-fits-all setup that most photographers use.

What you get

In the end you will get business headshot that will fit with your company's brand or your personal style. You will get the best business headshots and portrait you've ever had.

For more information head over the the Business Headshots & Portraits FAQ page or check out our portfolio of studio or environmental business headshots.

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