So You Want A Cheap Business Headshot?

Creative and modern corporate headshots

Cheap business headshots?  Are you sure?

One of the most common search results I see in my analytics is "cheap business headshots" or "inexpensive corporate headshots".  I understand price is an important consideration for many but it's a mistake to skimp on your headshot.  Whether you're a small business owner, work at a large company, or are hoping to get a job, it is important to have a quality headshot.  Like everything else in life, you tend to get what you pay for and headshots are no different.

My pricing is a little higher than other business headshot photographers (but not by much).  My prices are fair based on the quality of my work and the time and effort I spend making sure your headshots are custom and tailored to you or your company's brand.

Headshots will last you 3-4 years. If you break down the cost of a great business headshot and a cheap business headshot you are only paying a few extra pennies per day over the life of your headshot.  I'm sure you would agree your company's brand or the image you project to a potential employer is worth more than that.

Why MY Headshots Are A Better Value!

But, I understand that sometimes it is price that matters more than anything else.  But before making the decision to go with the cheaper photographer here are a few things that make me a better option:

  • I work with you to choose a style and look that works best for you or your company's brand: I don't come in with a pre-set lighting setup. Many executive and corporate headshot photographers have a "system". The system works for them and they know it so they use the same setup for all their clients. What's best for the photographer will probably not be what is best for you. If you look at my work you’ll see a wide variety of styles. Compare that with other photographers and I’m sure you’ll see I offer more variety. This means you’re images will stand out.

  • My headshots are creative: You want a headshot that is modern and creative. You don't want a typical headshot where you're inauthentically grinning into the camera with your arms folded. You should want something a little more creative and modern. If you look through my portfolio you will see that I do just that.

  • I come to you: If you have a larger group of people that need headshots I will come to your location to do the shoot*.

  • My images speak for themselves: I know this one is subjective, but if you look around at the other headshot photographer's work, you will see a difference in quality. Not only do I spend a lot of time making sure your images are great during the shoot, I also spend a lot of time making sure your images look great after the shoot. Each session comes with a retouched image that will look amazing when done. This takes time and effort. A lot of photographers outsource retouching to cheap retouching farms where most of the work is done by a computer (and badly). Retouching in itself is an art form.

I know you want a great headshot and I know that you want it at a great value.  I believe our business and corporate headshots are of the highest quality and greatest value.  If you have any questions or would like to book a session, head over to our contact page.

* Additional fee determined by your location.