When you look at many company’s “about us” page or corporate communications, you will often see an inconsistent array of employee and executive headshots. If you would like to unify your company’s visual and brand identity, a consistent and unique business headshot of your employees and executives would be a great asset. I work with many companies to help define a look that is clean, modern and fresh that can be applied to all employees. I don’t just come in with a standard lighting setup that gets applied to all my clients. I work with you to determine a look that fits with your company’s brand and identity.

On this page you will see a few examples of work I’ve done with different companies. Each has it’s own look and feel that was determined before the shoot.

Company headshot and portrait sessions can be done at my studio or at your location. I do have a minimum location fee and there is an additional fee for going to your location. If you would like more information and pricing on a company portraits click “Request Quote” below.