If you’re looking for something different than a traditional studio portrait or headshot a location editorial portrait might be what you want.

Environmental portraits tend to have a more casual feel to them.  They also allow you to show more of your surroundings.  That could be your offices, your home, your city or any location of interest that helps show more about you, your company, or your brand.

Location portrait sessions are done at your location or a location of your choice. Click the button below to get more information and quote for a location editorial portrait session. Because location sessions like this are more complex, require bringing extensive gear to your location, and an assistant the fee is higher than a session done at my studio. Sessions start at $3000 and go up based on your location and features you want for your shoot. However, the session time is longer and you get more final retouched images than with a standard studio session. For many the additional expense is worth it to get a truly unique image that shows your personality and brand in a way that others wouldn’t be able to duplicate.